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5 Things I’ve Learnt from Vinay

Vinay with Zorro
Photo credit: Sorcha Beeson

Have margin in your life.

Forget what the others do.
You need to learn and grow!
You need to save money.
You need to have margins.
When the hard times come, there will be nobody to help you, but you.

If I have pulled through the past two years, it is because of this!

Always be learning.

Always be tinkering
Always be doing
Keep the mind active
You’re a prime example of Taleb’s antifragile bricolage

Be Persistent.

From a little boxy office to organisations that span cities and hundreds of people in just ten years!
And all of this happened because, you refused to give up!

Be extraordinarily generous and yet circumspect.

Go, be with your wife.
I will give you all the money you need.
And if need be, I will tell you where else to go.
Come to me first.
You don’t need to go anywhere else!

You have no idea, how good it felt, to know, you had my back in my darkest hour.
And that was just one of the big things.
You’ve been helpful to so many people, in so many ways, through the years, without others knowing it!
(I know quite a few, though!)

Have fun!

Yes, I know I am a stick in the mud, introvert, who just likes to read books, while you are the mad outgoing opposite. But thanks to you, I let loose and have fun a lot more now :)

More than just feeding me, you taught me to fish!
Most of what I know about business, and sales and management, comes from you.
But the most important thing I’ve ever learnt from you, is to be a good man.
Even when the doing is hard.

Happy Birthday, big brother!