Are We Really Here Just to Fulfill *One* Destiny?

Susan Fowler on guys & gals that want to flit from flower to flower, to want to have and learn and do all the things that interest us

People tell me I can't do all the things I want to do, and they are of course wrong, because I can and I do and I will.

But I still can't ever reach my greatest, deepest, most secret goal, the goal I left off that list:
to have a singular passion.

Maybe that's ok.

Maybe my life will always be about running toward that unattainable goal, trying and loving everything I find along the way.

And maybe at the end, when I have to give an account of my life, I'll say that

I never was anything, but I was everything.

The whole thing is inspiring! Go, read.

Mario Jason Braganza

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