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Books I’ve Read

Only the ones I remember. The sands of time, have claimed the rest.

Wanted all my stuff down here, since I haven’t used Library Thing or Goodreads in a long, long, while.

They’re in no particular order, and not all good.
Just that I read them.
I’ll start putting the new ones, up top, with links to the book-notes if I write them.


  • Love Looks Pretty on You, Lang Leav
    (must read. in my imagination, leav is a talented younger sister, who has been through a lot more and writes her advice just for me, in her poems)

  • The Fifth Season (Broken Earth #1), N. K. Jemisin
    (if you love fantasy, this is an absolute read.
    world building at its finest.
    cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy.)

  • The Obelisk Gate (Broken Earth #2), N. K. Jemisin
    The Stone Sky (Broken Earth #3), N. K. Jemisin
    (lumped them together because to my mind they are one massive book.
    The journey she takes me on! The magic she creates! The world she imagines!
    It’s such a harsh world, but gosh darn it, I want to live there.
    Jemisin’s awesome.
    Will soon pick up the rest of her books.)


  • The Song of the Bird, Anthony de Mello
    (absolutely read. buy and give people copies.
    this book for me, goes beyond a quake book.
    it has shaped my life, and thoughts, since boyhood, subconsciously then and with intent now.)

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Poirot #1), Agatha Christie
    (re-reading my way through the Poirot canon.
    these books take me to the age I think I belong to, the late 1800s, early 1900s
    absolutely delightful)

  • Epigrams on Men, Women and Love, Honoré de Balzac
    (beautiful set of quotes)

  • Mother American Night, John Perry Barlow
    (a man who lived life. founder of the EFF and the FSF.
    and more importantly (to me), lyricist for the Grateful Dead)

  • Word by Word, Anne Lamott
    (must listen (it’s an old audiobook.)
    excellent companion to Bird by Bird.
    imagine Anne teaching you how to write using BbB as a text book.
    she’s awesome.
    the book’s awesome.)

  • Indian Love Poems, Peter Pauper Press
    (absolutely loved it)

  • Love Poems and Love Letters for All the Year, Peter Pauper Press

  • Flower Thoughts, Peter Pauper Press

  • Thoughts for a Good Life, Peter Pauper Press

  • Epigrams by Oscar Wilde, Peter Pauper Press

  • Murder on the Links (Poirot #2), Agatha Christie
    (need i say, you ought to read it :))


  • The Great Mental Models, Shane Parrish
    (the first of a soon to be multivolume work.
    must read times a hundred.
    this book teaches you how to think.
    and how to do it well.
    have i said it’s a must read? you must read it.)

  • Coraline, Neil Gaiman (must read. scarily charming.)


  • Keep Going, Austin Kleon
    (must read. new annual read. timely. beautiful quotes. hugely inspirational)

  • Chocolate Wars, Deborah Cadbury
    (must read. as a child growing up in the shadow of the large Cadbury factory, near home, Cadbury has always fascinated me. i still remember their school tours where we could go see how the chocolate was made and come home with a couple of bars of Dairy Milk. the factory is now shutdown, and the tempting aroma of chocolate no longer fills the air. this book delves into nearly 200 years of Cadbury’s (as well as its contemporaries) history. a lovely nostalgic throwback to a more innocent, more generous age.)


  • Titan’s Wrath, Rhett C Bruno

  • Never Grow Up, Jackie Chan
    (charmingly mistitled, because it is all about Jackie growing up, albeit a little too late. beautiful notes of apology and gratitude to the people in his life and of course, being Jackie, loads of hilarious stories)

  • Company of One, Paul Jarvis

  • Titan’s Son, Rhett C Bruno
    (something to get my mind off studies. the series is still fun)

  • Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport
    (must read. short. an in-depth practical treatise on getting out of the clicky, clicky, swipe, swipe circle of digital death i was in. found it really helpful)

  • Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi & Tal Raz
    (good read. if you’re an introvert like me, this is a good stepping stone to help you get out there.)

  • Thinking in Bets, Annie Duke
    (must read. short treatise on how you need to think probabilistically and divorce your efforts and your work, Arjun-like, from their results)

  • Titanborn, Rhett C Bruno
    (short fun read. in the vein of Asimov’s detective stories)

January & February

  • The City & The City, China Miéville
    (slow burn, good read)

  • Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    (my annual read, of one the few books that changed my life … and made me fall in love with reading all over again)

  • Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott
    (new annual perennial read)

  • The Warren Buffett Shareholder, compilation, Lawrence Cunningham & Stephanie Cuba, editors
    (annual read, short, fun and total catnip to me)

  • How To Become a Straight-A Student, Cal Newport
    (must read. if you are a school or college student or learning something new)

  • The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico, Miguel León-Portilla
    (must read. beautiful literature. reads like the book of Lamentations, with the Aztecs as the Jews and Cortés as Nebuchadnezzar II)

  • Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It, Gabriel Wyner
    (must read. amazing book. ties up everything i learnt about learning (spaced repetition, mind maps, immersion) into an amazing, fun process with a neat little bow. will use what i learnt to learn french later in the year)

  • Boundaries, Henry Cloud & John Townsend
    (must read, with the caveat that it has a really strong conservative christian bent)

  • The Walking Drum, Louis L’Amour

  • Last of the Breed, Louis L’Amour

  • Education of a Wandering Man, Louis L’Amour

  • The Swerve: How the World Became Modern, Stephen Greenblatt
    (must read)

  • I’ll Be There for You, Kelsey Miller

  • Playing with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), Scott Rieckens
    (must read)

  • Meet the Frugalwoods, Elizabeth Willard Thames
    (must read)

  • The Three Secret Cities, Matthew Reilly
    (fast paced fun)

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