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Ben Hur

Decided to reread the old stories I had read in my childhood.

Started with Ben–Hur.
You might know the movie, more the book.

Adventure, slave galleys, a love triangle, and of course really well written historical fiction.

Loved it so much that I went and got the rest of Lew Wallace’s fiction.
The rains are going to be so much more enjoyable :)

Forest 404

It calls itself, an eco thriller.
But that is selling the series short.

It’s a lush, beautiful soundscape.
The forests still ring in my ears.
The drums still thump.
The future is chilly and industrial.

The writing and the dialogue are crisp.
And most importantly, it has an all woman cast.

And that is all I am willing to share.
Find the podcast here. It says episodes available indefinitely.
So go have fun!
I binged it. I’m sure you will too.

Study Less, Study Smart, Marty Lobdell

Study Less, Study Smart, Marty Lobdell

The book is the text form of this youtube video.

I bought the book as a thank you. (and because I did not want to watch an hour long video everytime I needed something.)
It summarises into one, tiny package, what I took years and books to learn