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My Hero


“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.”

–Pam Brown

Daddy was so much more.
The big bear whose lap I would crawl into in the dead of the morning to recite the rosary with.
The poet who taught me how to see beauty in the stars and appreciate the vastness of the universe during our walks at night.
The Santa of my formative years.
The minstrel who sang songs that still are the soundtrack to my life. The journeyman artist whose slow, deliberate, methodical work is something I only appreciate now.
The labourer who worked two jobs for nearly twenty years and taught me the value of hard work.
The rock who we still base our faith on.

Somewhere, in all the ‘growing up’ that I did, I lost my innocence, my sense of wonder, my faith.
My father never lost his.

Stay the same, Daddy!
Happy Birthday!