What is this about?

None of my writings started out as a book project.
I wrote my first book – Seeking Wisdom – as a memorandum for myself with the expectation that I could transfer some of its essentials to my children.
I learn and write because I want to be a little wiser day by day.
I don’t want to be a great-problem-solver. I want to avoid problems – prevent them from happening and doing right from the beginning.
And I focus on consequential decisions.
To paraphrase Buffett and Munger – decision-making is not about making brilliant decisions, but avoiding terrible ones. Mistakes and dumb decisions are a fact of life and I’m going to make more, but as long as I can avoid the big or “fatal” ones I’m fine.

— Peter Bevelin

This is exactly what I want to do on this blog with my own dumb self.

Mario Jason Braganza

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